Finally a Warm Spring Day

This recently happened to me.

It was a warm spring day, one of those that you get before it turns cold again. So with nothing going on I put on my little sun dress, some panties and headed to the park.

The park I went to has been known to occasionally have some male on male activity. I had had two previous encounters there, but only one was a success. Anyway, I walked back near the trees and spread out my blanket.

I was probably 20 yards from the road here so I laid down on my stomach. It was quite windy and it turned out to be a difficult job keeping my dress over my ass. It would gust and there were my yellow panties for all the world to see. They were actually bikini bottoms so I wasn't too worried.

I had been there about 15 minutes when I saw the park ranger drive by. He took a long look but fortunately the wind didn't blow my dress up. He drove on around the corner and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I love to dress up, but I am not really into too much else, a suck now and then if I am comfortable. I was really enjoying the sun on this nice day.

I watched the ranger drive out and as he left the park my dress popped up exposing my ass. He didn't see as I tugged it back down.

"That was close, good thing he didn't see that!". Startled I looked around. Back in the woods stood a guy with his cock in his hand stroking it.

I quickly pulled my dress down so it wouldn't blow, but I didn't sit up.

"Please don't" he said. "I love the surprise when it blows up over your ass. Pretty yellow panties too".

I kind of grinned and let go of my dress. Of course immediately the wind blew it up exposing my ass. I looked over at him and his cock was rock hard.

"Would you let me see some more?" he asked. I looked carefully around and it was just me here, and he was pretty covered up in the woods. But I had a clear view as he stroked his hard cock. My own cock began to grow in my panties.

Sitting up I let my legs drift apart and my dress rode up, revealing my growing bulge in my bottoms. He smiled and stroked faster. I felt myself starting to desire to see this cock up close.

"Please?" he begged.

Smiling I reached down and began to rub my crotch. As my cock grew harder it became exposed out the top of my panties. His eyes were glued to my cock. I noticed a car enter the park so I covered myself as he drove by.

He was obviously looking for something as he took a long hard look at me. But he soon left when I didn't give him any hints.

My hidden friend used the time to come closer to me. He was now only 8 or 10 feet away. His cock looked glorious up close and I ached to feel him in my mouth.

I slowly spread my legs then pulled my panties off. Sliding them under the blanket I let him see my growing erection. I am not real big only 6 inched or so, but I do keep it shaved and it shaved and has a real nice mushroom head on it. I have always wished I could suck my own...oh well.

We kept playing the game until we were both rock hard. Looking around I wondered if my blanket would blow away if I got off it. Taking the chance I got up and walked into the woods.

He turned and walked a little deeper into a little clearing. He knelt and raised my dress and began to suck my cock. I was really hard by now but I didn't want to cum just yet. I pulled him up and then I knelt before him and took his long hard shaft into my mouth. His head slid over my lips and down to my throat. He was pretty big but I was determined to take him deep.

Slowly his cock slid down my throat. I squeezed his balls as I sucked him deep. As I slid up to his head he began to moan. I told him I wanted him to cum on me and he nodded and grabbed his cock.

As he stroked it I crawled between his legs until his cock was aimed at my chest. In moments he began to cum. Long thick gobs of white milky cum shot onto my chest and dress. As he finished up I leaned up to suck his cock clean.

Standing up I said thanks, and he just nodded and walked away.

I walked out to my blanket and smoothed it out. Slipping on my panties I laid back down. It had been a great afternoon.

I gathered my things and began to walk back to my car. His cum dripped down my chest and my dress was soaked on my nipples. Of course just then the park ranger drove up.

He stopped as I neared my car. "Nice afternoon huh?" he said. Nodding I agreed and walked on, a little embarrassed at the cum on my. As I neared my car he said, "Could I ask you a question?"

Emboldened i thought why not, and I walked to the passenger window and said "Sure, what's up?"

As I stepped up to the window and leaned in I noticed his zipper was undone. No way I thought as I leaned my cum covered chest on his door. I looked down and could see streaks of cum still visible.

"Do you come out here a lot?" he asked.

"I will be out more as the weather warms up, not next week as it will be cold."

Nodding he said well I will have to keep an eye out for you, and his eyes were glued to my chest. "Do you always wear a dress out here?".

Laughing I said, "No, usually I walk so I wear some shorts and tank top".

Smiling he told me he would watch out for me. I let my eyes drop to his crotch, and as I drew them back to his face, his hand slid into his pants. "Take care" he said.

Getting into my car I could only imagine what the summer held as I walked in short shorts and top. I can't wait.


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